Mori Body Cream 4 oz

Mori Body Cream 4 oz

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Our Mori Body Cream is Specifically designed for people with dry and itchy skin.  Our key ingredient is tallow (cow fat).  Tallow has the same lipids found in healthy human skin cells.  These lipids are in abundance in our cells and are beneficial because they create a protective, yet permeable barrier that prevents infection, maintains moisture, flexibility and structure of the cell.  

Sebum (the Oil our skin produces) and tallow share many of the same lipids in similar concentrations (beef tallow is 50% saturated fat and our skin cells have approximately 50% saturated fat).  Tallow absorbs in the deep layers of the skin.  This makes it a great natural moisturizer for the skin.

Tallow is a great moisturizer, it does not clog the pores nor leave a greasy feeling.

Ingredients:  Aloe Vera, Tallow, Lanolin, Ghee (Clarified Butter), Castor Oil, BTMS, Sucragel, Vanilla Extract, Essential Oils (Geranium, Tea Tree), Natural Preservatives